GULES - Shaken Awake - January 17th

An upbeat, groove based song that encompasses the emotions and thoughts one has when they're beginning to feel trapped and lost in their own thoughts.

Shaken Awake official music video uses a small theatre and colors like red and black to depict the songs meaning of trapped and lost.


GULES (pronounced JEWELS) is a New York City singer/songwriter born and raised in little Staten Island. She composes captivating chords and melodies like the groovy Carole King and intricately fluid lyrics similar to Regina Spektor's. Her mesmerizing tunes have brought her to venues across the tri-state area including The Bitter End, The St. George Theatre, The Westerleigh Folk Festival, Westchester's WPSR and more. GULES has also been awarded finalist in the Coffee Music Project, a United Kingdom-based songwriting competition. 

       GULES is currently working on a full length album scheduled for release in the spring of 2020. The first taste of the album is the single ‘Shaken Awake.’ ‘Shaken Awake’ is an upbeat groove that deconstructs the feeling of being lost, and therefore trapped, in one’s thoughts. The single is released with an official music video. In it, the color palate is confined to reds, blacks, and blues to depict the song’s overarching theme. 

            GULES is extremely excited to continue and finish the work on her newest album and the production of visuals for the project. With this and all of her projects, GULES aspires to create art that sparks a commotion of emotions inside her listeners.



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