Who is she?

            GULES (pronounced JEWELS) is an Italian New York City gal born and raised in a little, old Staten Island home. Yes, she was actually born at home, in a birthing tub. From that tub to the big apple, GULES has established herself as a songwriter. She composes captivating chords and melodies like the groovy Carole King and intricate lyrics similar to Regina Spektor. Her mesmerizing tunes have brought GULES to venues across the tri-state area including The Bitter End, The St. George Theatre, The Westerleigh Folk Festival, Westchester's WPSR and more. 

            GULES’ first musical project was her studio EP of 2018: Harmony Mistress which brought the listener into a world of tranquility, love, and anger -all emerging from the voice of a vulnerable yet mysterious female character. The EP includes a music video for the first track, Air. The video gives the viewer a behinds the scenes look into GULES’ recording process. 

           In October of 2018, GULES released the single that qualified her as a finalist in the Coffee Music Project, a United Kingdom-based songwriting competition. The song 65th Street explores the emotional connection that develops between person and place during formative years, such as in high school. The single was released with a pure live performance video -as pure as it gets. The video includes 1 microphone, 4 musicians, and a simple blue back drop. 65th Street utilizes an old school 60’s aesthetic with organically modern music. 

            GULES' newest project is a musty, dark single titled, 'Upstairs.' The single is known to pull the listener into a dark, retro world of rocking chair sways aside overflowing ashtrays. GULES' meltingly warm guitar chords and hauntingly beautiful lyrics in 'Upstairs,' accentuate the musty, vintage theme the song embodies. You can hear this in the deep 1950’s style vocal harmonies that swell and cushion around the telecaster guitar. GULES’ ‘Upstairs’ is a refreshing take on vintage influenced indie music. 

     With this and all of her projects, GULES aspires to create art that sparks a commotion of emotions inside her listeners.