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GULES (pronounced jewels) is an Italian New York City gal born and raised in a little old Staten Island home. Yes, she was actually born in a birthing tub at home. From that little birthing tub to the big apple, GULES has been composing intricate lyrics that have been compared to Regina Spektor's, with a combination of the captivating melodies and chords, compared to Jamiroquai's.  Her mesmerizing tunes have brought her to venues all over the tri-state area like The Bitter End, Sunnyvale, The St. George Theatre, Westchester's WPSR and more. GULES has also been awarded one of the top 10 finalists out of 136 for The NYC Coffee Music Project; a songwriting competition, based out of the UK. GULES' latest musical project is her studio EP album, Harmony Mistress; bringing the listener into a world of tranquility, love and anger, all emerging from a vulnerable yet mysterious female character. Along with the album release, is a catalog of music videos directed by the talented director Sergei Golubnichiy, which GULES is especially excited to bring to the public! Her latest video, ‘65th Street’, is as pure as it gets. 1 microphone, 4 musicians and a simple blue back drop. '65th Street' encompasses an old school 60's aesthetic combined with organically beautiful music. Her debut video, 'Air', brings the viewer into the recording sessions of the track; un-layering GULES' artistic process. With this and all of her projects, GULES aspires to create art that sparks a commotion of emotions inside her listeners.

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