Fluid melodies, lyrics and slow hooks give GULES an edge, something different.”

Music For The Misfits

Winner of the NY Songwriting Circle Grant

Finalist of the 2019 NYC Coffee Music Project

brilliant and insightful”

Canvas Rebel

GULES (pronounced jewels) is the nostalgic combination of a sad indie romance with the comfort of a warm jazz record. A songwriting powerhouse since her teens, NYC based GULES has forged her own path to acclaimed recognition. Her music has floated through the ears of the UK songwriting competition, the Coffee Music Project. She was awarded finalist for her scary tangible lyrics and commanding melodies. From awards to selling out renowned NYC venues like the famous The Bitter End, GULES has become THE up and coming NYC indie-jazz artist.

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    mean 4:12
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    Dizzy 3:32
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